The Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning platform for aviation data


DataBeacon is a multi-sided data platform. Enabling value-creating data interactions require open, participative IT infrastructures for these interactions as well as governance conditions that respect the privacy of the data. The goal is to consummate matches among users and facilitate the exchange of information, thereby enabling value creation for all participants.

Privacy by design

Different data owners and consumers of analytic services interact through DataBeacon and, using secure common exploitation of data, improve their performance among various aspects of their business.

Sandboxed apps

Private environments hold the data but are not accessible by applications or analysts directly. Instead, data is consumed by the Smart Data Fusion (SDF) technology. One of the major advantages of the SDF technology is being able to merge private data from different sources using secure cryptographic techniques. This enriches each isolated data set by combining multiple sources of data, which in turn creates a 360 degree view of flight data while also respecting the privacy of the data owners.


DataBeacon complete analytics environment consists of a high availability, on-demand cloud computing architecture for analysis and applications. After secure login, a complete data science development environment is launched, which includes popular data science toolsets such as Python, Hadoop, Spark and the Anaconda ecosystem. Secure access to a Jupyter notebook allows the analysts to work remotely with the protected data - no data leaves the cloud. Additionally, a GitLab repository serves as a collaborative and monitoring tool.

PhD Candidate offer

PhD candidate to undertake their PhD programme in the Cryptography field as applied to aviation and as applied to air traffic management (ATM).