Tadorea embraces Knowledge Discovery and machine learning solutions based on massive data analytics for the aviation sector

Our technological focus

Tadorea is an innovative start-up created as a spin-off of The Innaxis Research Institute.

We leverage the latest research results and state-of-the-art in aviation, mathematics, computing and crypto fields.
Our aviation data infrastructures provide a complete data science platform for applications on mobility, safety, airport and airspace performance, emission assessment, delay propagation, passenger connectivity, network disruption management and much more.

We build scalable approaches for AI, from data acquisition to analytics and visualisation, which can grow with the increase of data and demand for data-driven decision making.

This is done through meticulous interfacing with end users and addressing issues of digitalisation, deployment infrastructure and industrialisation.
Airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, authorities and other aviation stakeholders have enrolled in our platforms for a wide variety of applications.

Data Management

Data comes in different formats and with different confidentiality requirements. Whether it be structured or unstructured, data that lacks explicit semantics alongside data silos of heterogeneous data sources, without interoperability, are common issues. At Tadorea, we ensure the quality of the data, data provenance and data lifecycle management processes.

Data Processing Architectures: cloud computing, blockchain

Dedicated servers, cloud computing or distributed ledger technologies provide infrastructure solutions to different requirements. We work on a variety of architectures to manage heterogeneous data at-rest and data-in-motion, making sure the performance of our algorithms provides scalable off-line and real-time analytics.

Deep Analytics

Different analytics frameworks provide intelligence over the operations of aviation stakeholders. Integrating those analytics with business processes is key. We work with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to design predictive analytics that provide optimal value to aviation business processes.

Privacy by design: Data protection, cryptography

We work with privacy-aware technologies which maintain the data privacy of machine learning on fused datasets. We design cryptographic solutions, including secure multi-party computation, as a much more powerful alternative to simple de-identification. Cryptography allows the design of token networks to remove friction by aligning network participants to work together toward common goals. Efficient mechanisms that incentivize network participation also optimise the use of data resources for the benefit of aviation.

Visualisations and User Experience

We use visual metaphors as a tool both for communication and data mining. We develop interactive interfaces that ensure visual data discovery and exploration for our users.

PhD Candidate offer

PhD candidate to undertake their PhD programme in the Cryptography field as applied to aviation and as applied to air traffic management (ATM).